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Make Your Home
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Make Your Home
Work For You

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Why Choose Smart Homes Company


At Smart Homes Company we are committed to finding the best solution at an affordable price. We take the time to understand what is important to you then design a personalized system using the best devices that suits your needs. Your fully integrated home automation system will be aware of your preferences and will execute your commands with the prompt of your voice or a touch of a button. You will be in full control of your home wherever you are, while at home or on vacation away from home.

We strive to provide the best service possible, with the highest regards to quality, comfort, security and efficiency. Our solutions are affordable and our technicians are professionals with years of experience. Call us to see how we can help you.


Smart Homes company offers simple and affordable solutions for all homeowners. You could pay tens of thousands of dollars on a complex system that is confusing and difficult to work with or you could let us install an easy to use, family friendly Home Automation system for a fraction of that cost.

OUR services

Let us at Smart Homes Company provide you with the perfect Home Automation system that is right for you. From Smart locks and safety to lighting and more, whatever you need, we are here to help. We only partner with the leading manufacturers of the Smart Home industry so we can offer you a reliable yet affordable Home Automation system. Our solution is simple :

We carefully listen to your needs and what is important to you

We design a custom system that is right for you using the best devices available

Our experienced technicians install and integrate the system at your home

Once completed you will be able to control and manage your new system by giving simple voice orders or a push of a button.